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Homeopathy: A Unique Approach to Healing

Alternative medicine is a term that is given to a wide range of poultices, treatments and healing practices. While these practices are not always accepted wholeheartedly by practitioners of conventional medicine, many treatments have been proven to be highly effective. Some have even paved the way for common conventional medical treatments that we use today. Homeopathy is one of these treatments.

Homeopathy is defined as any treatment course that uses small amounts of substances that produce symptoms similar to that of the illness being treated in a healthy person. For example: If one symptom of the illness being treated is nausea, an herb or substance that causes nausea in a healthy person may be used for treatment.

Homeopathy was first used in the 18th century by Samuel Hahnemann. Hahnemann was convinced that the modern medical practices of his day were a danger to those who subscribed to them. In his day, it was not uncommon for patients to be treated with a combination of bloodletting, opium, laxatives and/or any one of the other complex potions that healers believed would be successful. The treatments were not proven to be successful, and many patients suffered ill effects from the treatments rather than relief from their original complaint. Unfortunately, many lives were lost that would not have been if medical treatment had not been sought.

As you can imagine, Hahnemann’s theories were very different from the prevailing views of his day. He promoted exercise, a good diet and cleanliness during a time when next to nothing was known about germs and the spread of disease and infection. He also believed that all effective drugs would produce symptoms similar to those of the disease being treated, and he conducted several tests using different treatments. In 1810, he published 65 of those treatments in his book “Materia Medica Pura.”

While it took a while for Hahnemann’s theories to catch on, the public eventually came around. Homeopathy was very popular during the 1800’s and survives to this day.

Alternative Medicine: Modern Homeopathic Treatments

Today, homeopathy involves a great deal more than selecting certain herbs and potions to treat symptoms. It is an in depth alternative treatment option that takes into account the patient’s personality, body type, spiritual state and emotional state as well as their physical symptoms.

There are more than 3,000 different remedies and potions used as homeopathic treatments today. Some remedies do not even use substances at all but rely on psychological tests and tricks to heal the body. An example of this would be paper remedies. In paper remedies, the treatment is merely written on a piece of paper and then given to the patient or placed under an ordinary glass of water that the patient will drink.

Another form of homeopathy is isopathy. Isopathy is a treatment course that involves the use of substances that cause the disease or those that are a by-product of the disease to treat the illness. Homeopathic vaccines are an excellent example of isopathy.

While homeopathy has been effective for many patients, it is not recommended as a sole treatment source. Many patients have stopped using traditional medications to their detriment in the hopes that homeopathic remedies will cure them of their illness. Once they stop taking their medications, their illness gets worse. Some have even lost their lives because they stopped taking important medications.

However, homeopathic remedies are often successful when used as a secondary treatment option or when used to treat mild, non-fatal illnesses. Regardless, you should fully understand any treatment course that you wish to pursue before you begin treatment.

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