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Healing Massage: Does Reflexology Work?

There are many skeptics of alternative medicine and the same is true when it comes to reflexology. But despite attracting criticism and disbelief, alternative remedies such as reflexology continue to increase in popularity. Why? The simple truth is that people are finding relief from their maladies through alternative remedies such as reflexology. Whether used alone or in conjunction with other types of traditional treatments, alternative remedies have been helping sick people find comfort and hope for generations. And there is no end in sight. Reflexology and other alternative remedies will continue to be used by people searching for a cure for generations to come.

 If you’re not familiar with reflexology, it is the practice of healing the body by massaging, pinching or pushing on certain focal points on the feet, hands and ears. For example: The inside arch of the bottom of both feet is believed to bring beneficial effects to the stomach when massaged or probed. If a person is suffering from a stomach ailment, a practitioner of reflexology would massage this area of the feet in order to calm the stomach discomfort of the patient.

There are numerous zones and medians used in reflexology and most of them are located on the feet. However, there are zones on the hands and ears that can be massaged as well. All of the massage zones correspond with certain organs, symptoms or ailments. Massaging the reflexology zones calms and relaxes the body as well as stimulates and heals the corresponding organs. Reflexology is non-invasive and relies on increased blood flow and positive energy to heal.

Reflexology: Common Treatments

Today, there are numerous reflexology treatments available, and the practice is gaining world-wide notoriety. While reflexology is relatively new to the US and other Eastern nations, it has been widely practiced and respected in Asia for centuries.

As mentioned before, reflexology is non-invasive and it has no side effects. For this reason, many people seek out reflexology as a treatment option. In addition to treating common ailments such as stress, anxiety, stomach ailments, headaches and general pain, reflexology is also used to increase the following: relaxation, energy, disposition, productivity, creativity and vigor.

Even though many people have found relief from their symptoms through reflexology, there are some who criticize the practice. Since there are no side effects associated with reflexology, most of the criticism has not been aimed at the treatment itself but at the fact that some people rely on reflexology as a sole source of treatment and ignore other mainstream treatment options. It is feared that while conventional medical treatment is being avoided, the illness being treated can become progressively worse all the while the patient believes he or she is taking steps to cure it through reflexology.

Regardless, the popularity of reflexology cannot be denied. And many people claim to have found relief through reflexology. While most studies are inconclusive as to whether or not reflexology really works, it cannot be argued that it does promote relaxation and a healthy mindset. And studies have proven that a positive mindset improves the odds of getting well dramatically.

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