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Breast Reduction Surgery Experience

My nightmare began when I was 14 and started to develop breasts. I soon became very aware that they were sagging and growing south. Within 6 months I had developed into an E cup and I  hid behind badly fitted bras and baggy clothes. When I removed my bra, my breasts sagged to my belly button and my nipples faced the floor. I had no confidence in my body or appearance feeling my breasts took over my whole image. When I was 18, I found a catalogue for bigger busted women called Bravissimo and it was a godsend, finally I could wear bras that fitted well. Supporting that kind of weight did put a lot of pressure on neck and shoulders and I was always aching and sore. I even wore a bra to bed as it was too uncomfortable without one. 

Finding a bikini was almost impossible; the Bravissimo range was much more limited back then. I went on my first girly holiday for my 19th birthday and I bought a triangle style bikini that tied around the neck in order to lift my boobs. Unfortunately it didn’t work like that, the weight of my boobs forced the bikini to stretch making my saggy boobs very obvious and the strings cut into my neck and blistered. If I wasn’t suffering enough with the pain in my neck, I discovered that I had been nicknamed “old banger tits” by the lads around the pool. I can’t even begin to explain how much this knocked my confidence and I was determined more than ever that when the time was right I would have a breast reduction.

A few days after returning from holiday, I was lucky enough to meet my first serious boyfriend who adored me and gave me a much needed confidence boost. We had been together around 6 months when I decided the time was right to have my breasts reduced. I had never had an operation before so this was a big step but somehow I wasn’t scared at all fearing people’s reactions more than the operation. Luckily my family were quite supportive although they were extremely fearful for me and I felt guilty for putting them through that, particularly my dad who felt I would be mutilated. I couldn’t do anything to put his mind at rest but as it turned out, there was nothing to worry about.

I received a recommendation from a Doctor who had seen my surgeons work, her name was Mrs C Kat based in Birmingham. I booked my consultation at the Bupa Parkway Hospital in Solihull and paid a fee of £150.00. Mrs Kat took me through the operation and risks involved. I felt instantly at ease. She didn’t sugar coat anything and gave me a very clear idea of what to expect and what not to expect. For instance, I could not expect to achieve a look like that of an implant, the result would still look very natural. The scarring did sound quite bad but it didn’t put me off. The operation involves detaching the nipple from the surrounding skin and there was a chance of loss of sensitivity and worse the nipple could die and fall off. It was also likely that I would be unable to breast feed. The operation would cost £4500.

6 weeks before surgery I came off the contraceptive pill as it increased the chances of deep vein thrombosis. I needed to find a picture to show Mrs Kat the look I wanted to achieve with size and location of the nipple. On the day of surgery, I had to be at the hospital for 6 a.m. I was shown to my private room where I watched TV until Mrs Kat came round to mark me up for Surgery. This felt very weird, I felt numb and I couldn’t tell if I was nervous. However, when the nurse came to collect me for surgery, I actually started kicking my feet I was so excited. The feelings took me by surprise. 

I was away from my room for around 5-6 hours. When I came round in the recovery room I remember feeling a bit of pain and was immediately given pain relief. I was extremely drowsy and was in and out of conscious for most of the day and night. I had a drain in each armpit and was unable to get out bed until the next day. I don’t remember being in any pain or feeling uncomfortable at all until I started to move around the next day and pulled on one of the drains by accident. It just felt uncomfortable until it was removed a few hours later which was the most unpleasant part of the whole procedure. It wasn’t painful though. I was checked on regularly, particularly my nipples which had to be checked to make sure there was a good blood supply. The operation went well and Mrs Kat informed me she was fairly certain I would be able to breast feed. I remember feeling very comfortable and well looked after. The hospital was more like a hotel with room service. You could order food from a menu and it was delicious. There were no set visiting hours so your family/friends can stay with you all day and can also have their meals with you.

 I was booked in for two days but as my drains were clear, I was allowed home the next day. I stayed for dinner and then got dressed and walked out the hospital feeling almost normal except for my extremely high breasts. That was the weirdest sensation. Looking down and feeling them almost under my chin. I felt great almost immediately, I was left on my own the next day and managed to clean the house and hoover the stairs. Not the best idea but I felt up to it. I was not supposed to lift any heavy items or drive my car for two to three weeks. I did get in my car too early and I regretted it but as for the normal household duties, I was fine.  I worked from home and I was able to get back to work pretty much straight away and attended college 2 days later. I took regular naps and rested more than usual for a couple of weeks. I found my body told me when I had done too much as my breasts would swell and feel uncomfortable. 

The bandages covered the whole of the breast area except the nipples. I couldn’t get them wet so washing my hair proved quite difficult. I was able to sit in the bath but had to wash my upper body with a cloth. The bandages stayed on for 3 weeks. I couldn’t put any pressure on my breasts and could only sleep on my back. I found I was a bit sore first thing in a morning but other than that, I was completely pain free.

I was advised to wear a sports bra for 3-4 months after the operation and as with all operations following a general anaesthetic; you have to wear support tights for two weeks following surgery.

At first the breasts are swollen and hard so the initial result is an implant look, very round and pert. I was bowled over feeling I had got the implant look I desired but Mrs Kat told me it wouldn’t last. I will never forget the look on my boyfriends face upon the reveal. For weeks, every time I saw a mirror I had to look at them. It only lasted for about 2 months and then the breast softens and falls naturally again. The scars are anchor like with the curved part at the base of the breast and a line from the bottom of the middle of the breast to the nipple. There is also a scar around the nipple but with time this looks fairly normal and is barely visible anyway. I wore surgical tape over the scars for six weeks after surgery to help reduce the scarring.  Within 6 months all the scars were smooth and very subtle.

The operation has given me a very natural pert look that someone of my age should have. Within 6 months, my breasts looked better than normal. I am complemented on them all the time and often asked if they are real. I haven’t looked back and 5 years on still love my result. I split with my boyfriend about a year after the operation and have had relationships since where it hasn’t been an issue at all and in fact, I have only ever had positive reactions. I only mention this because a few people tried to talk me out of it believing I would be undesirable to a man and it simply isn’t true but had I not have been in a very secure relationship, maybe I would have been influenced more by this kind of talk.

My Tips are:

Take Arnica to help reduce swelling.

Wear Sports bras as much as possible after the operation.

Take  at least two weeks off work if not three.

Try not to do too much too quickly.

Follow your surgeons post operative advice.

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