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Liposuction Experience

For years I had been unhappy with my weight. In order to achieve the weight I felt comfortable at, I had to be extremely strict with my diet and lived off meat, fish and vegetables, no carbs.  It runs in my family to carry a natural tyre around the stomach area and have a chubby face. It was the first place I put on weight and the last place I lost it. I became so self conscious and obsessed that I developed Bulimia and suffered in silence for 3 years.  At the time I had my operation I had been in recovery for over two years,  but I felt it was something I would battle for the rest of my life if I couldn’t maintain the shape and size I was happy with.

I had been looking at liposuction on internet sites for years and decided that as soon as I could afford it, I would have it done. The operation involves removing fatty deposits (fat cells) from the body and once removed, the body does not replace them. Provided you do not eat excessively, you should achieve a long lasting change in body shape. These fat cells can congregate in certain areas, which is why some people are more prone to putting on more weight in particular parts of the body.

I arranged a consultation with my surgeon Mrs Kat. I told her the areas of my body I wanted to improve and she advised me what she was prepared to do for me. She advised liposuction to the inner and outer thighs, stomach, sides, back, underarms and neck. Also buckle fat removal on the cheeks to slim my face and emphasize my cheek bones. I was informed that the knee and ankles were not good places to perform the procedure and she must avoid the muscle under the bum because any damage can cause the backside to sag. I was also informed that there is a limit to the amount of fat that can be safely removed from an area so I could be disappointed with the result.

The buckle fat removal involved making an incision on the inside of my mouth and squeezing the fat out of the cheek. As you get older, this area tends to thin out and it is advisable to study family pictures to see if this is likely to happen to you as you may then look gaunt.

I would have to wear a face mask shaped like a balaclava and body suite for 2 weeks following surgery.  I would also have to wear the usual leg tights after all operations for prevention of deep vein thrombosis. I decided to have the surgery under general anaesthetic.

When I came round from surgery, I felt very comfortable and warm with a bit of a tight sensation where the body suite was. I had numbness under my chin and my upper lip was swollen from the buckle fat removal but I wasn’t in any pain. I was not allowed to get out the bed to go to the toilet for 12 hours after surgery, even though I felt capable, as the wounds would weep.  By the following day my body felt a lot tighter and lifting from the stomach was very difficult. I hardly noticed anything under my armpits and my face was merely swollen and numb under the chin. The swelling of my lip had completely gone down. I could feel the stitches in my cheek with my tongue which again wasn’t painful at all. The tightness in my body got much worse for the first 2 days before getting better. I was extremely uncomfortable for quite some time and struggled to get out of bed. I had to use my arms to lift my body up in an upright position and had to walk with my legs almost straight.  I could only sleep flat on my back or stomach; it was painful to try to sleep on my side. The one wound on the side of my leg was very tender and I did experience a bit of pain in it, I was a bit worried about this because the other wounds were healing so much better. However, it did get better without any further treatment.

The bruising was severe; my whole body was black and yellow. It looked a lot worse than it felt but it is definitely something to be prepared for as it is a bit shocking. I certainly put some of my friends off the procedure.

I was allowed to shower straight away and didn’t need to worry about getting the dressing wet. I was only allowed to take the body suite off to shower and it was the best 15 minutes of the day. I couldn’t wait to get out of it as it got more uncomfortable as the day went on. The facial mask also drove me mad and looked ridiculous.

I went for a follow up one week after surgery; my dressings were changed and checked. I had three incisions on my face, one under my chin and one at the side of my face under each ear which had healed well. I was informed I could start wearing my make up again. With my make up on I was able to go to a family meal that evening, just one week after surgery. The tightness had started to ease and following the assurance my wounds were all ok, I felt relieved and a lot healthier.

I was advised to massage the wounds on my face to smooth them out as much as possible. I found they were barely noticeable after 2 weeks. There was an immediate improvement in my body shape, particularly my thighs and face. Initially I felt too up and down, like I had lost a bit too much shape probably due to the tightness of the muscles in my stomach, however, over the next 6 months, my curves reappeared, I was just a lot slimmer. 1 year on and I feel completely normal again and so much happier with my appearance. I have also noticed a huge improvement in my mental health. I am able to eat fairly normally without the usual pangs of guilt and panic when I give in to a simple sandwich. I do still have to watch my weight but find it a lot easier to keep the weight off now my problem areas have been treated. 

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