Zumba Clothing and Zumba Wear

Zumba has not only become a dance exercise craze all over the world, but the brand has also been savvy introducing their own fashion dance wear range of clothing for ladies, men and children in a variety of sizes. Black contrasting with bright colours and trendy patterns make the Zumba clothing range stand out in the crowd.

Comfortable clothing is essential before you start any exercise  You need to ensure that the clothes you wear don't inhibit your movement but stretch with you as you move. It is also important for ladies to wear a good supportive bra or bra top. Zumba wear will give you the flexibility to move, Zumba involves, jumping, leaping, and moving at various speeds, the upbeat music ensures you get a full cardio workout so the fabric of the clothing  needs to ensure that you stay dry. 

The Zumba range of clothing includes capri shorts, cargo pants and leggings, a large range of tops from bra tops to tank tops both cropped and full length styles. The extended range includes hooded tops and sweat shirts to ensure that you stay warm before and after your Zumba workout.

Look after your feet whilst exercising, good quality socks will ensure that you prevent blisters, Zumba has a range of socks, trainers socks, ankle socks and knee high ones in white, black and brightly coloured designs to match their dance wear. Well fitting dance shoes or trainers that aid flexible movement are essential. Trainers can be used but Zumba sell a Zkickz range of footwear, again in black with brightly contrasting piping and motifs, the styles will ensure your feet remain comfortable during your Zumba exercise and won't put pressure on your toes.

Zumba accessories add to the fashion statement with brightly coloured hip scarfs and belly scarves, bangles, wrist bands, beannie hats, caps and jewellery.
They have not forgotten  the hair  either, they have Zumba headbands and bandanas. Coming in packs of three and a variety of colours this headwear has been designed to contrast with the rest of their range.

Zumba Cargo pants can be dressed up with mesh tassles or braided tassels in bright blue, gold, orange and other bright colours giving a very fashionable look. Standard waist belts are available so that the male fans of Zumba do not feel left out.

If you are a big Zumba fan you can even kit your kids out in Zumba wear! There is a small range of clothes for children which again reflect the bright colours of the adult range of Zumba wear.

If like me, you carry everything but the kitchen sink in your bag,  Zumba have this sorted as well, with their range of bags in a variety of sizes from a small handbag to an overnight bag and a variety of gym bag, you can kit yourself out completely from their range.

Zumba exercise wear ensure that you don't have to be dowdy and unfashionable when you are exercising, they have matched their clothing to the mood they want you to feel during and after your Zumba exercise. Smiling happy and joyful.

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