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Eye Conditions

Eyes are probably the most complex thing on Earth so naturally they need lots of care and attention. Keep your peepers healthy with these suggestions to help soothe, calm and protect your eyes.

Eye Bags

We’ve all woken up one day to find our eyes puffy and red and stared back at ourselves in the mirror, wondering how last night’s single glass of wine and take-away pizza could have produced such a sight. Sadly, this mystery will most likely never be solved.
Happily, there are a few tricks to cover up those pesky puffs.

That most cliché of all facial treatments, the cucumber slice,  placed over tired eyes for 10 minutes really does help reduce puffiness and give a refreshing boost. Don’t have any cucumber? A slice of potato or a ball of cotton wool soaked in iced water or witch hazel will work just as well. A slightly more eccentric technique is to place a cooled teabag over each eye - the stimulants and astringents in the teabag will tighten the skin.
Eye gels are also relatively successful. There are a variety of products on offer in most high street stored. Most do include cucumber extracts along with added natural products. Anything with chamomile will soothe tired eyes, whereas eucalyptus extracts will refresh and brighten your twinkle.

For long-term solutions, make sure you drink lots of water (surely the No.1 rule of the beauty world) and get lots of sleep.

Dark Circles

Unlike eye bags, dark circles are usually much a more persistent problem. The skin under the eye is extremely thin, and capillaries lying close to the surface give the appearance of dark shadows. There are a number of reasons for this: lack of sleep, age (sadly, the older you get the more likely you are to suffer with dark circles) and allergies. People will asthma, hay fever or eczema are also prone. However, don’t despair: most of the treatments for eye bags work just as well with dark circles.

Golden or pinkish concealers counteract the bluish-grey shadows, but make sure you apply some concealer above the eye as well to achieve a natural finish.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes occur when your tear glands do not function as normal. Usually, eyeballs are covered in a thin layer of liquid which is replenished each time you blink. However, occasionally tear ducts do not produce enough tears and leave eyes itchy, red and sore. Causes vary: a one-time occurrence is most likely caused by wearing eyeliner just above your bottom lashes. Continuing problems are more common in the over 60s and women, but many people can experience it at some point in their lives.

If you do find yourself suffering any of the symptoms above, book an appointment with your doctor or optician. Both can perform an eye test to find out what the problem is. Treatments vary from over-the-counter eye drops and anti-inflammatory medication to surgery, although this latter option is only a last resort.



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