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Hair Extensions


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I started to grow my hair at the age of 18. At 24 I had still only managed to grow it to shoulder length and it always felt very plain and boring. I had used clip in extensions and loved how they transformed my look but I found them difficult to manage on my own. My hair dresser had to fit them for me so I could only wear them for special occasions and they would only last a day at most as they would fall out when you slept on them.




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My hairdresser was trained to fit bonded hair extensions and recommended them to me. At first I was really reluctant to have them done, mainly because of the cost and I wasn’t sure I would even like the result. To have them fitted properly and with the best hair, you can expect to pay in excess of £600. If you look after them, they can last up to 6 months and will still look healthy and good, it isn’t cheap to use this method but it certainly produces great results.


  The hair I chose to wear is real hair and I use a very good quality product. It looks really natural and is so much easier to style than my own hair. I can achieve salon results styling my hair myself as it holds so much better than my own hair.

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My bonds have been colour matched to my own  hair colour. I have three different tones fitted and I have my own hair and roots dyed as usual in between the bonds every 6 weeks. Dependant on the look you wish to achieve, you can have fewer bonds which will make it a little cheaper but a full head is usually 150 bonds. They are attached to individual strands of hair by a special glue, so you get a more even natural look. You can run your fingers through your hair as normal and you will just feel the bonds by the root.

I did get a little rash develop on the nape of my neck and I was concerned I was allergic to the glue. I didn’t have a reaction to the strand tests; however,  once they were all fitted I did get a mild itchiness that passed within a few days.



New Look Skirts DressesIt probably takes in the region of 6 months to get used to having extensions in. They are not heavy but it can feel weird when you put your head on your pillow to sleep.  You may catch the bonds when you first start to style your hair after having them fitted, I know I pulled quite a few out in the first week or so  because they are hard to see, but once you get used to having them there it becomes second nature and I don’t catch them anymore. I have had them fitted three times now and I haven’t lost a single bond in 4 months. My own hair is growing underneath, it is still really healthy and I haven’t had any problems with hair loss or damage.



At first I really didn’t like the sensation of the bonds in my hair but I loved my new glamorous look and I can’t live without them anymore! Everyone always comments how nice my hair is and are shocked when I tell them it’s fake.  They have transformed my look and boosted my confidence no end.  

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