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The bottled look is gradually gaining popularity as people become more aware of the risks that ‘natural’ tanning methods cause. While fake tans are only a temporary solution, they do not harm your skin in any way and therefore you can top up your tan (or deepen it) as much as you like. There is a positive plethora of products currently available to use at home, from top brand names like St. Tropez and Piz Buin to high street store own-brand ranges. The majority of fake tans do a similar job, regardless of price. However, here are a few special products to look out for:

St. Tropez fake tan
Any product named after one of the most famous beaches has got to be a winner. There’s a very good reason why St. Tropez is a hotspot for celebrities all around the world, and this fake tan recreates that French Riviera glow without you stepping foot outside your own front door. It is generally considered to be the easiest fake tan to apply and also the most natural-looking. Admittedly, it costs almost twice as much as most other products but the majority of people agree that for once the price is worth it - after all, the real deal would cost a heck of a lot more! Keep a eye open for special offers in stores such as Boots, which often run BOGOF promotions on St. Tropez products.

Spray tans
Spray-on products tend to produce a less streaky result than creams or mousses. The Nivea range of sprays are generally considered the best around (apart from St. Tropez, of course), and don’t cost the earth either. Because Nivea know what they’re on about when it comes to skin, their products also make sure it stays soft and supple.

Gradual tans
Graduals are the most practical of all fake tans. They work as a daily moisturiser with built-in self tan, meaning that the colour deepens a little more with each application until you reach the ideal colour. Of course, this is also a sure-fire way to guarantee you have an even colour all year round, and because it’s a moisturiser as well, you don’t have to apply your normal moisturiser before the tan. The Johnsons Holiday Skin range is the original and still by far the best, with Dove and St Tropez also providing excellent gradual tan products.

Top Tips
If you’re applying fake tan at home, follow these three simple steps to a perfectly even tan.
ONE: Shower and exfoliate. This is very important as it makes sure the tan is applied to fresh clean skin and therefore won’t wear off as quickly.
TWO: Moisturise, but DON’T RUB the moisturiser in completely. Leave a thin layer on your skin.
THREE: Apply the fake tan immediately to any part that you want to tan. Like the moisturiser, don’t massage it in completely. By leaving the tan to soak into your skin naturally, you’ll avoid any nasty streaks. Remember to apply the tan to a slightly larger area than you want on show - this means you won’t have any tan lines on show later.
No matter what tan you use, make sure you wait until it is completely soaked in before putting in any clothes. Gradual tans tend to work quicker than normal fake tans, with a process time of around 10 minutes. Self tans will take around an hour - and if you’re wearing a pale colour, its best to leave it 2 hours just to be on the safe side!

If you don’t think you’re brave enough to go it alone, or if you want to shimmer for a special event, you can always go to a beauty salon or tanning studio where a trained professional will apply your tan for you. They cater for piecemeal tans (just your legs, arms, face or any combination of body parts) as well as full-body tans, and prices range from about £8 per limb to £30 for the full monty.

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