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Hats and Scarves

Mostly associated with the winter months, this duo is often overlooked in terms of fashion. We all know how useful they can be at keeping us warm, but we forget that they, like everything else, can help us to look good.

It really is a given that scarves and hats should match. Most shops sell matching designs or sets, so it's not difficult to do. Of course, if you only ever wear one or the other, never both, then fair enough - buy them individually. But most of us are so chilly in winter that we'll wear anything and everything in an attempt to stay warm.

Wool scarves and hats are by far the most successful in terms of role fulfilment. There are fleece options available and these are quite useful, but they tend to wear much quicker and can often lose their shape after weathering a storm or two.

Colour and shape are very much up to individual choice. As most winter hats are designed to keep heat in, they are made to fit very snugly against your head - so try before you buy, as not everyone suits the streamlined look. That said, there are several different styles out now, so if you're not normally a hat person, try ones with bobbles or other 3D detailing as this can detract attention from problem areas.

When it comes to scarves, it makes sense - as with bags - to buy colours that will suit a variety of oufits and coats. It is also worth wearing darker colours, as these will be less likely to show up any mud splashes or other dirt that winter inevitably brings. Of course, if you want a statement set, then by all means go for it. But bear in mind that winter really is only 3 or 4 months (yes, honestly, even in the UK) and you really don't need more than 2 or 3 sets to last you the season.

There has also been a recent resurgence in the trend for summer hats and scarves. The fashions, which has been around for hundreds of years and has enjoyed several periods of popularity and decline, has once again opened up an entire new world of summer accessories.

Scarves are usually cotton or silk and are produced in a truly astonishing variety of colours. Given the presence of several cheap high street brands, then summer scarves are one of the accessories that can be bought  en masse, as it were. Not everyone suits them, as they can make necks look shorter, but if you enjoy wearing them then they certainly can add a touch of class and colour to a simple outfit. Buy them in colours you wear a lot, and make sure they're long enough to go round your neck once or twice, so you can wear them in a range of styles.

Hats aren't enjoying quite the same success in the summer months, but nonetheless several new styles have come into fashion. In the past few years the baker boy hat has resurfaced, as has the flat cap, once relegated to the realms of elderly country drivers. French berets are also back, and coupled with a scarf can create an irresistibly continental combination.

Colours for summer hats tend to be brighter than for their lengthy kin, with bold reds, rich greens and deep blues causing heads to turn on every UK high street. Given their purely superficial purpose, summer hats come in a much wider range of styles, and berets in particular are good for those who have trouble with winter shapes, so it's worth popping to the shops and trying them out.

And of course if hats aren’t quite your thing, then check out our hair accessories page for other ways to make your head stand out in a crowd.

Hats and Scarves
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